Specializing in medical, swedish & deep tissue massage therapy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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-Medical Massage

Medical massage is outcome based massage therapy in which the treatment focuses on a systemic condition (such as fibromyalgia), or focused work, such as healing from a sprain.  For focused work, typically the treatment is 30-45 min, with only working on one area of the body for that specific concern.  Treatment for a systemic condition focuses on musculature, fascia and lymphatics that are affected by the condition within the body as a whole.

-Swedish (Classic Relaxation)

Swedish massage is a classic relaxation massage which uses gliding techniques of effleurage and petrissage to loosen tight musculature and fascia and helps stimulate the lymphatic vessels.  Strokes are applied towards the heart, lessening the load on the contraction of the heart muscle which stimulates deep relaxation. 

-Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage therapy is treatment that focuses on the deeper layers of musculature and fascia.  Techniques are used such as deeper effleurage and petrissage (swedish strokes), muscle stripping (bringing healthy blood to the targeted band of muscle), trigger point therapy (targeted, focused work on trigger points/areas of hyperirritable muscle cells) and myofascial release (targeting adhesions in the superficial and deep layers of fascia).


(Foot) reflexology is focused work on specific areas of the feet that correspond to organs, body systems and areas of the body.  The thought is that by affecting these areas on the feet, the body is brought to a state of homeostasis.


Shiatsu is Japanese massage meaning "finger pressure."  It is acupressure performed with loose fitting clothing, along the acupuncture meridians.  Stretches and palm pressure are performed on certain meridians (body pathways that correspond to specific organs).  The practitioner focuses on moving the body's vital force, called "Qi" or "Ki".  The thought is that by bringing the body's life force back into balance, health is achieved.

Add Ons

*Note - add ons do not add time to the treatment, they are included during the massage.  

NEW!! Eco-Friendly Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment -(Available now!)

Hand Paraffin Only: $12

Foot Paraffin Only: $12

Hand & Foot Paraffin: $20

Nourishes, hydrates & moisturizes the skin in addition to helping to soothe aches & pains in the hands and/or feet without harming the environment.  100% disposable & biodegradable, and a great alternative for people with sensitivities to chemical dyes or fragrances.  Plant-based, petroleum free & made with pure essential oils.  For the winter we will be using Eco-Fin's "Jubilee/Berry Winter" Blend (Pine, Berries, Cedarwood, Rose & Cinnamon). 

Ingredients: Palm kernel oil, soy oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, organic coconut oil, pure essential organic aromas of pine, berries, cedarwood, rose & cinnamon.

Scrub & Dead Sea Mud Treatment to the Back - (included during your massage) - $30

Begins with an exfoliating back scrub followed by a Dead Sea Mud Treatment to the back and finished with a relieving back massage using any one of our custom aromatherapy blends.

Dry Brushing -$10

Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells

Hand Softening Treatment - $10

Scrub with Himalayan Salt and reflexology using African Shea Butter

Scalp Massage -$10

Relaxing scalp massage incorporating acupressure points on the skull

Mini Treat Your Feet -$15

Scrub with Himalayan Salt and reflexology using African Shea Butter

Ultimate Treat Your Feet - $30

Scrub using Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Mud Treatment and reflexology using African Shea Butter

Facial Massage - $10 (incorporated during your treatment time).

Relaxing facial massage incorporating lymphatic drainage techniques to help move lymphatic fluid and blood.  The facial massage uses Biotone's Facial Massage Lotion with Bio-Firming Complex which is used for all skin types including sensitive.   It's main ingredients are CoQ10, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. It is incorporated into your treatment and does not add time to your session.

Aromatherapy with any massage - $10

Relaxing aromatherapy using our custom blends - Choose from Relaxing (our most popular), Grounding, Seasonal Support, Respiratory Support, Uplifting or Citrus Explosion)     

Aromatherapy Wrap -$10

Relaxing aromatherapy wrap using essential oils of your choice (up to 3) while you receive an invigorating scalp massage

​​​*When booking online for a series, you will want to choose "special offers."  When buying a series as a gift certificate, choose "dollar amount gift certificates."  **Note this feature is new online so we are still learning  - feel free to contact me if you have questions or are having trouble!

Rates for all massages

30 min: $45

45 min: $65

60 min: $80

75 min: $95

90 min: $115

120 min: $140

Series Rates (All are buy 4, get 5th on free)

30 min: $180

45 min: $260

60 min: $320

75 min: $380

90 min: $460

120 min: $560


Special Combo Packages

Peace - 90 min/$120

75 min massage, Hand Softening, Mini Treat Your Feet and Scalp Massage

Serenity - 2 hrs/$140

90 min massage, Hand Softening, Mini Treat Your Feet and

Dry Brushing

Ecstasy - 2.5 hrs/$175

100 min massage, Hand Softening, Dry Brushing, Ultimate Treat Your Feet and Aromatherapy Wrap

Reflex Express - 60 min/$75

30 min massage and Ultimate Treat Your Feet

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Reflexology - $15

Pressure is applied to points on the feet that correspond to all organs and systems in the body.  The thought behind reflexology is that by applying pressure to these areas, balance is brought back to the body.

Pain Relieving/Anti-Inflammatory Add On

Deepen your relaxation and muscle tension with this new add on.  We have two types of pain relieving oil you can choose from.  Soothe sore muscles and relieve pain and inflammation.  Keep in mind, it is more oily than regular massage lotion so you may wish to go home and shower before going out after (sorry, we don't have a shower at the office).

Back, Neck & Shoulders Only - $10

Full Body - $25