-Medical massage (or massage with a medical focus) is therapeutic massage in which the focus of the session is to decrease pain, relieve stress and increase range of motion.  Medical massage may help assist the body in the natural healing process due to musculoskeletal and postural changes that can occur in the body.   It can also help with reducing inflammation from an injury or dissolving scar tissue. Medical massage may help with easing tension in the body associated with many common stress related conditions.  Common conditions in which medical massage may be beneficial include scoliosis and fibromyalgia.
-Swedish massage is one of the most commonly taught and recognized systems of massage therapy in the US. Swedish massage is a classic relaxation massage.  Therapeutic Swedish techniques are used that are designed to soothe and relax the body to restore and maintain health and overall well being.  The purpose is to increase circulation toward the heart, help relax tense muscles and aid in lymphatic drainage and circulation.
-Deep tissue massage is massage therapy that addresses muscular tension in the sub layers of the muscles and fascia.  Gentle stretching and myofascial trigger point therapy techniques are  used to reduce pain in the body associated with soreness and tension.  Deep tissue massage may assist with chronic muscular pain, rehabilitation from an injury or reducing inflammation related pain.
-Shiatsu is a form massage therapy that was developed early in Japan and continues to evolve.  It is derived from the words "shi" meaning "finger" and "atsu" meaning "pressure."  Shiatsu is acupressure along the meridians of the body which correspond with certain organs.  It may assist in restoring balance in the body by encouraging the movement of vital energy "qi" or "ki".  Shiatsu may reduce stress by promoting healthy functioning of the nervous system. Loose fitting clothing is worn, as the massage therapist stretches the body and applies palm and finger pressure to the meridians of the body.
-Reflexology consists of application of pressure to various points and areas on the feet (also hands and ears).  The theory is that reflexology affects all organs in the body, from the stomach to the kidneys, in addition to all systems in the body, from the musculoskeletal to the endocrine system.  Reflexology uses a roadmap of the feet, in which certain areas correspond to certain organs, glands or areas of the body.

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