Specializing in medical, swedish & deep tissue massage therapy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Deena Burks - Licensed Massage Therapist

Deena is a graduate of the White River School of Massage in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the top of her class.  Her program was over 700 hours of study in a variety of different modalities.  She has been a practicing massage therapist/body worker for over 16 years.  Her love of West African dance led her to travel around the US.  Therefore, she has practiced and held licenses in Colorado, New Mexico, California and Oklahoma.  Deena is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Note from Deena -

*I believe that anything that can be done to the body can be undone.  I believe in my own intuition and experience when it comes to the human body and healing.  I believe physical and spiritual alignment are equally important th health and healing.  I also believe in  the patient's own body's ability to heal itself.

Every massage is tailored to meet each client's individual needs and is a blend of different modalities.


1.  By appointment only: to make an appointment, you can book online, call/text (973) 670-2713 during our business hours.  I try my best to return calls within one business day.

2.  Education and licensure:  We are both highly educated in massage therapy through prestigious schools of massage and are licensed in the state of Oklahoma in addition to other states.

3.  Sexual Harassment is not tolerated: We perform a non-sexual, client-centered therapeutic based massage. If at anytime during the session any kind of sexual remark is made or our safety feels compromised, we will terminate the session and he/she will be charged full price for the appointment.

4.  Scope of practice:  We refer to appropriate specialists when work a client may need is not within our scope of practice.

5.  Contraindications:  to protect the client's health and safety, if there are any signs or symptoms of contraindications the session will be rescheduled.  Examples of contraindications are fever, rash, infectious disease, etc.

6.  Draping: in traditional swedish massage, the client is unclothed.  The client is in private when are disrobing, and are properly draped with a sheet at all times during the session, exposing only the part of the body being worked on at that time. We encourage the client to bring any questions or concerns regarding draping to our attention, as personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times.

7. Pain tolerance:  We work at the client's pain tolerance, and communicate clearly so that pressure is not too much or too little. We encourage open communication and will answer any questions or concerns the client may have regarding their session.

8.  Confidentiality:  client information is kept private and confidential.  It is not shared with anyone without prior written consent.

9.  Insurance:  We do not accept insurance, however, we will provide you with a receipt that you may send in to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan.

11.  Not showing for an appointment:   if a client fails to show for an appointment without any notice, he/she will be charged the full cost of the session.

12.  Cancellation policy: if cancellation is necessary, please give 24 hours notice if possible.

13.  Intake forms:  to ensure safe, customized sessions, we ask that all clients fill out the health intake form that will be emailed to you after you book your first online session.  If you do not book online, you will fill one out at your first session when you come in.   It is the client's responsibility to relay all new information relating to their health status, so we can modify the treatment if necessary.

14.  Payment:  payment is due at the time of service and accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card.


Nina Madsen - Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist

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About Us

Continuing Education

Nina Madsen is a native of New Jersey and moved to Tulsa in 2009 from NYC.  While living in NYC, she received her massage therapy education/associates degree in occupational studies from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences - the nation's oldest massage therapy program in 2008.  She also received her BFA in Dance from the University of North Carolina at Greensoboro in 2005 and her Certificate of Movement Analysis from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC in 2006.  She studied abroad studying dance for two semesters at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts in Perth, Australia and Teatterikorkeakoulu (The Theatre Academy of Finland) in Helsinki. 

She has 9 years of clinical experience and is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association and a certified member of the Associated Body and Massage Professionals  .  She is fascinated with the anatomy and physiology of the body and strives to bring body, mind and spirit into balance in each session.  She currently also is Co-Director/Director of Modern Dance for Portico Dance Theatre here in Tulsa.  She lives with her fiance and two rescue dogs Charlie and Wilson.

1626 S Boston Ave

Tulsa, OK 74119

(973) 670-2713


*We both stay up to date regarding continuing education courses for Oklahoma State Law (16 CEUS bianually) and New York State Law for Nina (36 CEUS trianually).  The American Massage Therapy Association requires 48 CEUS every four years and the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals requires 16 CEUS bianuall which we also complete.

Some courses we have taken include the following:  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (8 CEUS), Helping Clients Manage Migraines (3 CEUS), Low Back Pain and Massage (4 CEUS), Sports Injuries and Massage (4 CEUS), Eminence Hungarian Facial Massage (4 CEUS), Business Basics for the Entrepreneur (7CEUS), HIV & AIDS: A Deeper Look (6 CEUS), Lyme & Massage (8 CEUS), Massage Research (3 CEUS), Migraine and Massage (20 CEUS), Massage Worksplace Disaster Planning (4 CEUS), Ethics One (6 CEUS), More Ethics (15 CEUS), Massaging Your Business (12 CEUS), Aromatherapy (4 CEUS), AIDS/HIV and Other Contagious Disease Prevention (4 CEUS), How MRSA Impacts your Practice (4 CEUS), Alzheimers (4 CEUS) and Prevention of Medical Errors (3 CEUS).