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                 ​CBD Oil Tincture (under tongue)

​                500mg - $49.95     

                1,000mg - $89.95

CBD Topical Cream for sale

​750 mg - $89.95

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I now workalongside Rica Carney of Elixir Skincare Studio, offering facials that leave your skin luminous and spirit radiating.  To book, call (918) 740-3458 or visit

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Here at Madsen Massage Therapy, we honor those who sacrafice so much for our freedoms and offer a 50% off military discount for any service for any veteran currently serving or retired.

Madsen Massage Therapy, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers swedish, deep tissue and medical massage therapy.

Our mission is to provide relaxing and therapeutic massage therapy in a supportive, nonjudgmental and nurturing environment

Specializing in medical, swedish & deep tissue massage therapy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Welcome! If you are looking for a day spa in Tulsa with a professional, qualified licensed massage therapist in Tulsa, Oklahoma you have found the right place. We are a team of two highly educated and passionate licensed massage therapists specializing in medical, swedish & deep tissue massagy in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Our team consists of myself and licensed massage therapist Deena Burks.  You can read more about each of us on the "About Us" page.

 We strive to bring body, mind and spirit into balance during every session. Treatment plans are customized to the client's individual needs, whether the goal of the session is to reduce pain, to relax and soothe sore muscles or to reduce swelling from injury.

To book an appointment you can book online by clicking on "book now" above or by texting/calling (973) 670-2713.  You may also email us at  We also sell instant online gift certificates. To purchase a gift certificate,  click on gift certificates below.

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Madsen Massage Therapy, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma - offering medical, swedish and deep tissue massage therapy.


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CBD Oil Benefits:



​-Pain reliever

​-Helps with epilepsy

​-Muscle relaxing effects

CBD Oil  (sublingual tinctures and topical cream) available for purchase

1626 S Boston Ave

Tulsa, OK 74119

(973) 670-2713

​      You've been waiting so patiently and it's finally available! This optional CBD Massage Oil Add On can be used for just the back, neck and shoulders ($10)/using regular massage lotion/oil on arms, legs and feet or as a full  body ($25).

​      It will not make you high as it has no THC (the psychoactive component).  It is a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agent which complements the massage to aid in relief of muscle tension, stiffness, soreness and inflammation.

​      Keep in mind it feels cool after application and is more oily than regular massage oil/lotion so you may wish to go home and shower before going out after your massage.  (Sorry, we do not have showers at the office).  Not recommended during pregnancy. Questions? Feel free to call, email or text - (973) 670-2713 or

​Medterra's CBD Oil contains zero THC so it will not make you high. Read about CBD Oil on my CBD Oil/Soaps page.